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Correctsender is a popular marketing automation platform. It helps small and medium sized businesses with their marketing activities, engaging with their customers, and growing and building their brand.

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Become GDPR Compliant

Whether your website only contains information or collects sensible personal data of your visitors and customers, if you have customers in EU, your online business must be GDPR Compliant . Correctsender is what will help you to fulfill this task. Moreover, you can add a Cookie bar with privacy and cookie policy with all necessary templates.


Autoresponder You Need

Correctsender has all the features for your email and marketing needs as you think about growth. Find attractive templates, smart A/B tests, sales page builder, and user friendly administration. Most importantly, Correctsender is GDPR compliant, so there is no risk of spamming. Register for FREE!


Your Data is Safe

All data is anonymised and encrypted in our servers in France where they are managed by the German company. This means that the personal data of your clients is safe and you can easily fulfill the requirements of GDPR including right of rectification, right of access, right of deletion...


Forget About Monthly Fees

Correctsender does not count your email lists, contacts, or campaigns. However, if you want to unlock additional features, a modest yearly administration fee is charged and if you want to send newsletters, the cost is as low as 1€ per 1,000 emails sent.