How to create FREE account in Correctsender

How to create FREE Correctsender account:

1. Go to
2. Type your Email and Password (Email will be used by default as your Sednd-mail Emaill address, but can be changed later)
3. Read Term of Use and check the box if you agree
4. Click Register
5. Check your Email to activate your account

Start working with Correctsender

How to start working with Correctsender

1. Click on notifications - Right-Top corner
2. Click set profile
3. Fill all your company details
4. Click on second Notification (or Click Settings and Tools/Email settings)
5. Confirm your Sender Email and Sender Name
6. Can add more senders Emails (not in Free account)
7. If you have your own SMTP server, you can set it up in SMTP Tab

Set Company Profile

How to set Company profile

Without setting company profile, you would not be able to send campaign!
  1. Go to Settings
  2. Set profile (Your company profile will be used as the footer af your Emials)
  3. Click Save

Working with GDPR Cookie bar for EU marketers

Permanent GDPR features in all your activities

  1. Go to Account/Profile
  2. Click GDPR features

This option will offer you only the options fulfilling GDPR measures

Creating Optin page 2, creating Thank You page and activating

How to continue preparation of OptIn page
1. Prepare Thank you Page Click Thanyou page Blue button at the top of Opt-in page or click Pages and Thank you page in relevant Optin page
2. Chose Tha you page design which you like
3. Edit it by clicking Blue buttom top right or anywhere in the template
4. Download button will automaticly provide the file you uploaded in Extras (Pages, relevant Optin). If you do not want to have Download buton there, you can delete it (click red button Remove on left side banner)
5. When satisfied, click OK button on the right top. (Save now).
6. Click X (Close editor) when you want to return back to Correctsender
7. Change Background image (Blue button on top of the page)

How to add additional column into the list

How to add additional column into your list

  1. Click on Menu Lists and then click relevant list
  2. Top right Blu button Additional Columns
  3. Click Add column
  4. Name the column. If you need just text column, here is where you finish.
  5. I you want to chose from predefined values, click the button
  6. Click Add value (Example: Which is your favorite sport? Values: golf; ice hockey; basketball; football etc. Customer might only chose from those values.

How to create an Optin page

How to create an Optin page (landing page)

  1. Click Menu Pages, click "Create Optin Page)
  2. Set the name (edit the URL if necessary)
  3. Assign the list, Chose A/B test or not (A/B test is separate video)
  4. Type Email address where reminder will be sent after each registration
  5. Set, if you want GDPR Checkbox, not or Mixed (visitors from EU will see it, others not)
  6. Check if you want Double opt-in
  7. Chose template which best fits your needs (of Extra Template if you have Autoresponder Upgrade)
  8. Click on template (or click Edit)
  9. Edit Optin Page (text and Images), click Save when ready
  10. Click Thank You Page (if you did chose Redirect Link in the next step) and Edit it
  11. Go to Extras and chose Redirect link, if you want redirect visitors after opting in
  12. Chose Upload File if you want to give visitor some digital product
  13. Chose E-mail (Compose) if you want to send Email to visitor after subscribing in (you can also add Link to the file you uploaded in step 12). This Option can be set in paralell with Thank You page and also with redirect.
  14. Click Proceed and Adtivate Optin page

How to create the Campaign and the Newsletter

How to create Campaigns, Newlsetters and Emails.

  1. Click "Campaigns" Tab
  2. Click "New Campaign" and name the campaign
  3. Click "Newsletter" in relevant campaign
  4. Click "Create Newsletter" in Newsletter menu
  5. Name the Newsletter, Choose Template (there are more options if you purchase Extra upgrade)
  6. Chose "Sender". You can set-up more sender names and Email addresses
  7. Type the Subject. You can personalize it by adding Name and Surname
  8. If you are EU sender, you should send Emails only to GDPR verified Email addresses
  9. Change tracking option or leave as they are now and Submit
  10. Click on Message icon and Edit your Email
  11. You can use Simple editor (click "Pen" icon) or chose Tiny MCE Editor or HTML editor if you are experienced. Save your work.
  12. Send Test Email to see, how your recipients will see your message
  13. Click "Proceed" and check again your Newsletter
  14. Click "Send campaign" or "Schedule it" for later
  15. Check the statistics of your campaign

Set GDPR for your Information Website

How to set Information website GDPR Cookie bar

Information website does not collect any personal data. That is the reason, why there is not a need for user Data Request, Data Rectification, Data Deletion
  1. Go to GDPR Cookie menu a click blue button "New Policy"
  2. Chose Information Website
  3. Check if the Button text are correct or edit them (also can be translated)
  4. Check the texts of Cookie Policy, Privacy Policy and Terms of Conditions (Terms of Use) and Edit them. If necessary get the inspiration in your Industry competitors
  5. Check "Deny" option if you wish deny button will appear in your Cookie Bar. Set-up the URL of the website, where visitor will be forwarded if he disagrees with Cookie Policy.
  6. Click Save
  7. Go back to Cookie Dashboard
  8. Click "URI" and set the URL of the website, where you want to iplement Cookie Bar
  9. Copy Embed Code
  10. Go to your website administration and Paste Embed code to Header/Body text
  11. Save and done

Third party tracking option

How to set-up third party tracking option for Registration Website

Thir party tracking is the situation, when Website collects the personal data via Sing-up, Register, Fill teh contact data or other form of Opt-in and Website owner is sure, that customer data are safe on known server hosting.
In addition to Information Website setup, tehre are following steps:
  1. In editing a policy chose the option "Third Party Tracking"
  2. Set "Third party Email" - where visitors requests to access/rectify/delete data will be sent
  3. Insert new Embed code to your website

Create Smart A/B test (split Test)

How to create Smart A/B test (SPlit test)

  1. Create and name Optin Page
  2. Assign the list and Edit the design
  3. Create and Edit Optin page
  4. Create B Optin page
  5. In Page Properties set "Alternative links"
  6. Activate the Optin Page
  7. Copy Alternative links to different sources of the traffic
  8. Evaluate the statistics

Working with Sales Page Editor

How to work with Sales Page Editor

  1. Must have Correctsender PRO upgrade
  2. Choose to create Sales Page from scratch or Optin page
  3. If Optin page, chose template first
  4. Add sections above and under the Optin page (system will offer you the place, where you can insert the section)
  5. Edit text in each block
  6. Change images
  7. Save Sales Page
  8. If created Optin page first, you must also assign a Thank you page
  9. Activate Sales page
  10. Copy (or Edit) the link

How to make A/B test (split test) of your Newsletter campaign

How to make Newsletter Smart A/B test (must have Extra upgrade)

  1. Click "New Campaign" or chose existing one
  2. Click "Create Newsletter" or chose existing one (can not be Newsletter already sent or scheduled)
  3. (If create new NWsletter, chose the name, subject and edit message)
  4. Click A/B test and click AB test "Active"
  5. Type the number of Emails sent as Test (usually 10% of your total Emails in this Newsletter)
  6. Chose "Manual", Best Click, "Best Images" or "Best All"
  7. If Manual, you muast manually send rest of the campaign to A or B Email
  8. If other Option, set "AB continue after count" to any number. After reaching it, campaign will automatically continue
  9. If you want to continue in "Manual", set one of the other options and as "AB continue after count" set the real statistics number (e.G. if you reached 168 click in Email "A", than set "AB continue after count" to 168, click "Submit" and campaign will continue sending Newsletter A to rest of contacts.